jason henson jason at
Tue Jun 7 01:15:30 GMT 2005

William Bloom wrote:

>After having installed wine on FreeBSD and used it successfully for some 
>applications, I've found that it would be useful to run an application that 
>needs a network connection to elsewhere on the network.  It is not apparent to 
>me how I would go about configuring TCP/IP in wine, and I've not found anything 
>at that explains this.  I've tried adding entries to system.reg for 
>TCP/IP but these are ineffective.  Yet I read postings elsewhere from people who 
>have done this successfully on Linux, and even a few postings from people who 
>have done successfully with FreeBSD in the past (although the technique for 
>doing so was unmentioned).
>Can someone suggest a resource/how-to that would educate me on how to do this 
>for FreeBSD?
>For reference, any attempt to use ipconfig gets these messages...
>fixme:win:GetProcessWindowStation (void): stub
>fixme:user:GetUserObjectInformationW (0x1 2 0x0 0 0x33fbd4),stub!
>fixme:win:GetThreadDesktop (9): stub
>fixme:user:GetUserObjectInformationW (0x1 2 0x0 0 0x33fbd8),stub!
>fixme:user:GetUserObjectInformationW (0x1 2 0x159c38 0 0x33fbd4),stub!
>fixme:user:GetUserObjectInformationW (0x1 2 0x159c38 0 0x33fbd8),stub!
>fixme:ntdll:NtQueryVolumeInformationFile device info not properly supported on 
>this platform
>err:module:find_forwarded_export function not found for forward 
>'AdvApi32.WmiNotificationRegistrationW' used by 
>L"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\WMI.dll". If you are using builtin L"WMI.dll", try 
>using the native one instead.
>...and any attempt to ping gets a wine debugger after the following messages...
>fixme:seh:EXC_RtlRaiseException call (from 0x1001949) to unimplemented function 
>wine: Unhandled exception (thread 000b), starting debugger...
>I did take the suggestion mentioned above from the error message (I specified 
>'builtin' for WMI.dll), but this had no effect.  My wine version is 20050419.
I've used apps that do things on the internet like download updates 
automatically.  I know nothiing of a network setup, maybe you have a dll 
missing or unsupported function in your app.  WINE is not an emulator 
and does not create network connections.  It translates between win32 
binaries and unix.  What you describe sounds like vmware or something 
that is not configured.

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