ssh delays 40 seconds (SOLVED???)

Robert Marella rmarella at
Mon Jun 6 20:17:07 GMT 2005

luke wrote:
> also, you might want to look into the UseDNS option in the sshd_config
> file. this will cause the server to not perform dns lookups on
> connecting hosts.

Okay, that takes care of the delay. I had to change it to "no" on all 
boxes that I ssh into. Does this have any negative ramifications? My 
firewall excludes all incoming (at this time) so I am not too worried 
about being compromised.

It still leaves the question in my pea brain as to why it has worked for 
6 months and just started this nonsense in the last week or so. Did 
something change with 5.4?

Thanks for responding.

I want to thank everyone else for responding also. The consensus was 
that I need DNS/named working on my gateway/firewall so I will be 
reading and studying to have that working in the near future.


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