freebsd cable disconnected problem

Diogo Della ap010 at
Mon Jun 6 17:32:20 GMT 2005

Yes, the localhost go to this IP.

This machine has 3 NIC with 3 different IP address. If the onboard sis0 is not connected, ssh or ftp does not work.

Other machines has the same problem, but a llitle different. In other FreeBSD, if a make any modifications like include a default gateway on the routing table, it does not work.

Is there any security issue or something like?


Diogo Della

On May 26, 2005, at 4:07 PM, Diogo Della wrote:
> It is very strange: if a put the initial ip address of the  
> interface and disconnect the cable "ssh localhost" does not work.  
> But, if a let this running and put the cable again, "ssh localhost"  
> works.
> What is going on? FreeBSD need to be connected and with the same ip  
> address I set at installation for the network deamon to work?

Does localhost actually go to IP
Do you have a localhost route, check "netstat -nr"...?

You can also take a look at what your daemons are binding to via:
"netstat -anp TCP | grep LISTEN".  Are they binding to *.port or  


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