copy configuraton to another box

K. Greenwood k_greenwood1 at
Mon Jun 6 14:48:03 GMT 2005

--- Angelo Munez <angelo_2871 at> wrote:

> Hi Bros,..
> I need a little help... i have an existing freebsd
> box., im a newbie. the thing is i wnat to build
> another box and i just wnat to copy all
> configuration
> regardless of comilation of the kernel.. is there
> anyway i can do that,, to copy the firewall
> configutaion and all the rules of ipfw? thnks more
> power guys

Considering no one else has responded, I may as well
give an attempt.  The following page should be worth a

That being said however, you have failed to inform us
what version you currently have/will be upgrading to. 
That little variable could cause consternation.  I
assume that you know best whether you will upgrade
your system or not.

Good luck

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