patch errors

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Mon Jun 6 08:36:18 GMT 2005

FreeBSD MailingLists wrote:

>on all other servers I cvsup the src and ports tree, but for some
>reason the internet connection at the location of this particular
>server gets kicked when I start cvsup.  so I had to resort to this
>I am not entirely convinced that it is a stale patch issue for 2 reasons.
>1)  I have untar'd the same file on 2 different servers and only this
>one has issues updating the ports
>2) I have tar'd up the /usr/ports dir from a different server that
>updates via cvsup.  The original server updates fine but when untar'd
>on this particular server the same exact patch errors appear.
>which leads me to believe the error is outside the ports tree itself.
Did you delete the ports tree before untaring?  You don't mention that.  
(You could also investigate rsync or rdist to keep this machine's port 
tree up to date since that will do the deletions for you).


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