36.4GB drive formats out to 32.8GB? what am I missing please

Grant freebsdlists at thingysrealm.myftp.org
Sun Jun 5 19:43:27 GMT 2005

On Sun, 5 Jun 2005 11:44:19 -0700
"D. Goss" <lists at dylangoss.com> wrote:

> I am adding some drives to an IBM xSeries 345.  I recently picked up  
> (via eBay) an IBM packaged Seagate drive, all with the proper IBM  
> part numbers as:
> U320 15k
> 36.4GB formatted capacity
> (IBM part 06P5776 / 06P5778, with Seagate drive ST336753LC)
> Looking up both the IBM part numbers and the Seagate part numbers via  
> Google, I consistantly get that the drive's formatted capacity is  
> 36.4GB.
> When partitioned either in "safe" or "dd" mode (via sysinstall) and  
> set to use the entire disk as one slice, once the drive is mounted I  
> show:
> # df -m
> /dev/da1s1      33617    0 30928     0%    /misc
> # df -h
> /dev/da1s1      33G    4.0K     30G     0%    /misc
> I'm seeing approx. 30,600MB (32.8GB?) free -
> Is this correct?
> Thanks!
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I think the problem that you are seeing is due to freebsd reserving some space for the root user.

Somewhere in the handbook is says when you format a drive there will be around 10% of the drive reserved for root.

I think you can change that number but you will have to look in the handbook for that.

Hope this helps
>From Grant.

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