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Sun Jun 5 14:05:59 GMT 2005

On Sunday 05 June 2005 04:34 am, Robert Slade wrote:

> Don,
> Many thanks. I have tried mailing you but verizon are refusing my mail
> as they have not 'approved' me. I am somewhat anoyed by this as I have
> got a number of phishing mails from verizon customers overnight.
> I wont copy the dmesg to the list as it is quite big etc.
> I have been doing some reading up on this. It looks like the card has 2
> busids one for the main card and the 2nd for some of the memory. I'm
> probably going to switch off the card in the BIOS and put another one in
> - NVIDA? The board does have an 'external' AGP slot.
> Rob
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    Sorry about the email problem. GTE/VERIZON is CRAP but the ONLY CRAP 
service in town. Once a monopoly gets control-EVERYONE looses. One reason I 
am relocating. My MONEY will spend anywhere. Anyway, SBC now offers DSL for 
$19/ month.

NVIDIA cards have drivers you must download from NVIDIA. Check for 
availability first!

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