Why is there no mini-iso any more?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Sun Jun 5 13:51:44 GMT 2005

> I was wondering why the latest releases don't have a mini iso? (An iso 
> with only base installation, no extra packages)

It is explained pretty well in the release information.
But, basically, the contents of the disks were reorganized
in the 5.xxx release which made the separate mini-iso less necessary.

But, I wouldn't mind still having a mini-iso.   It is less to 
download in one chunk.   Since I would then install over the net (ftp)
you might think that inconsequential.  But, the less size file to download, 
the better and I would be doing the network/ftp install anyway.

But, I can survive this way if I have to.


> Baldur
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