P4B533 vs DDR Ram 400 MHz

Supote Lee kingtutankhamen at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 4 04:42:01 GMT 2005

>>Yes, it's so if you refer to Asus official website. But today I've
>>just added
>>such memory into a P4B533 box at my office. It can bootup and has no
>>problem today so I think that I can't totally believe its document on
>>Asus's web site - Must give them a try.
>>But I want to know that "is there any issue in the LONG

>Apart from it not being supported by Asus ?
>Considering the fact that DDR-400 will simply run on a lower frequency
>and possibly not quite-so-good performance as you would expect from a
>DDR-400 stick, I don't expect any problems.
>It's backwards compatible.

Hi all

   What if I using both of them together ? I mean using both
DDR-266 and DDR-400 at the same time. Can I ?


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