5.4 Installation

Paul Schmehl pauls at utdallas.edu
Sat Jun 4 01:38:07 GMT 2005

--On June 3, 2005 9:41:00 PM +0000 robertst at speakeasy.net wrote:

> I am a FreeBSD newbie and have some questions about installation.  I
> installed the 5.4 version from CD and selected the “User and X
> Windows” (or something like it) installation.  I also selected
> “yes” for installing all of the packages.
> The packages installation copied about 25MB of data to the disk instead
> of the 300MB that it said it was going to.  Is that what it’s supposed
> to do?  It looks like not all of the packages were copied, specifically
> Netatalk (which is on the second CD).  How do I get it to copy the rest
> of the packages?
Log in as root.  Run /stand/sysinstall from the commandline.  Chose 
Configure Do post-install configuration of FreeBSD.  Select Packages.  Then 
select the packages you want that didn't get installed and install them.

> Also, it looked like it copied the X.org files but never went through the
> X setup.  Is this what it is supposed to do?
Yes.  You need to configure X yourself.

Login as root.  From the command line type "Xorg -configure".  That 
*should* create an xorg.conf.new file in the current directory that has the 
correct settings for your setup.   When it finishes, it will print out a 
command you use to test to see if the setup worked.  If it did, copy the 
file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.  If it didn't, google is your friend, as well 
as the Handbook.

> I have a working text-based FreeBSD system, but I would like to get the
> Netatalk package installed and also get the X windows system up and
> running.
Once you have the xorg.conf file created, run xdm or gdm to start a window 
manager.  If everything works as expected, edit /etc/ttys to start the 
window manager at bootup.  If you're using xdm, just uncomment the line for 
ttyv8.  If you're using gdm, uncomment the same line, but change xdm to gdm.

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