P4B533 vs DDR Ram 400 MHz

Supote Lee kingtutankhamen at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 3 12:28:33 GMT 2005


   Yes, it's so if you refer to Asus official website. But today I've just 
such memory into a P4B533 box at my office. It can bootup and has no
problem today so I think that I can't totally believe its document on
Asus's web site - Must give them a try.

   But I want to know that "is there any issue in the LONG


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>On 6/3/05, Supote Leelasupphakorn wrote:
> > Hi, lists
> >
> >   I own the Asus P4B533 mainboard for a year and it is using DDR-266 
> > I want to add more memory with DDR-400 MHz. Have any one had experience
> > on this situation.
> >
> >    What I would like to know is "Is there any problem if I will use 
> > MHz
> > with mainboard Asus P4B533. Any comment is welcome.
>If I read specifications at the end of
>http://usa.asus.com/mb/socket478/p4b533/overview.htm correctly, this
>motherboard does not support DDR-400 (PC3200) memory.
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