onboard sound crard on intel D915GAG

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Fri Jun 3 06:55:27 GMT 2005

Hi Roldan,

  I have this motherboard also.  As a general rule, any motherboard that
has a PCI Express slot in it is going to have problems with FreeBSD
The 915G chipset is a PCI Express chipset.  It is a low-end "Grantsdale"

  They are working on putting support for PCI Express into FreeBSD.
You could try booting a SNAP and see if it detects anything but I doubt
I doubt that full support for PCI Express will be present in any FreeBSD
5.x release.

  The problem is that Intel has a bunch of stuff tied into the LPC I/O
bus that the 915G chip controls.  USB, Sound, serial ports, network card,
to name a few.  Sometimes - like with the USB port - it works with the
generic PCI chipset driver.  And sometimes - like with the video chipset
the network adapter - those drivers have extra code in them to access
chipsets.  For example, the 82562EZ network adapter is basically a modded
fxp() chip, and that driver was tweaked a bit to recognize it.  Actually,
lucky, since you have the D915GAG motherboard with the 82562EZ lan
if you had the D915GAG motherboard with the 88EB050 "Marvel" PCI Express
ethernet adapter you would be screwed since that adapter has to be
via the PCI Express bus which isn't yet supported.  And your also really
lucky since support for the 82562EZ was just added into FreeBSD 5.3 for
the first time.

  At any rate, the sound driver that would work would probably be
snd_ich and pcm, but the problem is that since the PCI chipset is
not supported, those sound drivers cannot get at that sound chip,
even though if they could, they support it.


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>> Roldán <roldanlg at yahoo.es> writes:
>> > can anybody have configured this board sound card?
>> >
>> > i put the
>> > this is the message i get from demsg
>> > pci0: <multimedia> at device 27.0 (no driver
>> attached)
>> > after i put this on the /boot/loader.conf
>> > snd_driver_load="YES"
>> > and when i do cat /dev/sndstat i get this
>> > FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm)
>> > Installed devices:
>> >
>> > in fact i'm without sound
>> > i read the handbook to try configure but i'd never
>> > make a  custom kernel before and i'm a little
>> scared,
>> > so
>> > can i do somethig else to get the sound on?
>> > or is i have to compile the kernel wich device i
>> have
>> > to load : the generic "device sound"?
>> What happens when you type: "kldload sound" and then
>> "kldload snd_driver"?
>all i got when i do what you said is this:
>(roldan at overmind)/home/roldan# kldload sound
>kldload: can't load sound: File exists
>(roldan at overmind)/home/roldan# kldload snd_driver
>kldload: can't load sound: File exists
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