Mailscanner PC requirements

Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Thu Jun 2 20:43:46 GMT 2005

might need more RAM, esp is you plan to use Spamassassin with the MS
setup. My old system (cel 500 512MB RAM) would top out around 14,000
messages per day of around 25kb average size. But I was also running
MailWatch and the associaed mysql DB on the box as well and lots of
extra SA rules..

As for performance related stuff vmstat/iostat/sar are good places to
start. Also you don't mention the MTA to be used. This can make a huge
difference. Sendmail and Postfix tend to slower with exim and qmail
faster in that order.

You'll get extra performance by turning on softupdates on the spool
directory filesystems too.

See you on the MailScanner users email list (under my work email).


On 6/1/05, Jean-Paul Natola <jnatola at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> First OFF NEWBIE here - so  please bear with me--
> I have installed  FreeBSD 5.4 on a box that I plan to use Mailscanner to
> "filter" the mail prior to hitting my Mail server.
> Its on a PII 450 with 256mb ram  and a 12 gig drive.
> I would like to know
> 1) How can I check to make sure the system is running OK ( I'm from the
> windows world) where we have event logs  and performance monitor to make sure
> the install was done correctly, give you page fault data mem ,cpu usage
> etc...
> Any tools  or commands in FreeBSD that can give me this type of info?
> 2) given the above specs, is that ok to handle mail for roughly 40 users?
> Thanks in advance
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