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On Jun 2, 2005, at 2:03 PM, Vizion wrote:

> I do not know I buy that argument. The way I see it as a user of  
> this list -
> it ain't broken as far as I am concerned and so I'd rather it not  
> be fixed.
> My feeling is that you would be doing people a bigger favor by  
> letting them
> sort out their own junk mail problem. It is not a listserver's job  
> to fix it.
> It is up to the user/isp combination to fix.

nobody was talking about the list or siggesting changing this or any  
other list.  This was a how to get postfix to do greylisting with  
postgrey on freebsd question.  I just brought up the point that  
greylisting itself is not a panacea and works better in conjunction  
with something like spam assassin to only grey list suspected spam.

Whitelisting btw does not solve the user's problems of perception


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