can't figure out ssh, read lots of docs...

Justin R. Pessa jstn at
Thu Jun 2 13:18:34 GMT 2005

On Jun 01 05 05:57PM, Steven Friedrich wrote:

 > What I did notice though, is that I can't login as root using ssh.  I haven't 
 > found this mentioned in the man pages.
 > Anybody know where it's documented, whether it can be changed, and would that 
 > be a colossal mistake?

Again, if I may reiterate, it is highly dangerous to allow root login.
Although if you _must_ know, you want to add:

PermitRootLogin = Yes 

to your sshd_config file and then restart sshd. Beware!

 > I mean, hey, it's a secure shell, why can't I login as root?
 > The reason I want to use root is because I'm trying to scp /etc/master.passwd 
 > from each of my four machines so I can write them to a CD for backup.
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