can't figure out ssh, read lots of docs...

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Wed Jun 1 22:06:42 GMT 2005

--On Wednesday, June 01, 2005 17:57:56 -0400 Steven Friedrich 
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> I've been successful using ssh-agent, though I have to enter the
> passphrase  each time I run my script.  That's really only an annoyance
> now because I'm  developing the script and have to enter it often. That
> goes away when the  script is stable.
First you run ssh-agent screen.

Then you run ssh-add, and, when prompted, type in your passphrase.
> What I did notice though, is that I can't login as root using ssh.  I
> haven't  found this mentioned in the man pages.
You should *never* allow remote logins for root.  You don't need it.  Login 
using your own account and then use sudo or su - to perform functions that 
only root can perform.

> Anybody know where it's documented, whether it can be changed, and would
> that  be a colossal mistake?
You change it in the ssh config file, but don't.

> I mean, hey, it's a secure shell, why can't I login as root?
> The reason I want to use root is because I'm trying to scp
> /etc/master.passwd  from each of my four machines so I can write them to
> a CD for backup. _______________________________________________
scp the file to your home directory, then move it whereever you want to by 
using sudo or su -.

Don't allow remote root logins.  It's unwise.

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