Using multiple outside IPs on ADSL (PPPoE) connection

Matej Šerc matej.serc at
Wed Jun 1 15:49:27 GMT 2005


until now we had one outside IP address and used FreeBSD machine to do
NAT and run some mail and webserver for our needs. Few days ago we got
a /30 subnet (netmask and now, when I connect to ISP,
I get only first IP of the subnet. Of course, while it's available, I
would like to have some services "listening" on other IP addresses as
well. I have searched a lot and I have found a guy, asking just the
same as I am (,
but got no appropriate answer.

Configuration file for ppp (/etc/ppp/ppp.conf) is at follows:

  enable lqr
  set lqrperiod 15
  disable ipv6cp
  set device PPPoE:rl0
  set authname username
  set authkey pass
  nat enable yes
  nat same_ports yes
  nat use_sockets yes
  set dial
  set login
  set ifaddr first_ip_of_subnet
  add default HISADDR

Now, as also in that post from google, tun0 has only that IP
address... I also tried to define second_ip_of_subnet with subnet mask to rl0, but still that second IP isn't pingable from
outside world.

Thanks everyone for help:)

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