postgrey question

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Wed Jun 1 08:18:41 PDT 2005

On Jun 1, 2005, at 10:22 AM, Bill Moran wrote:

> Bart Silverstrim <bsilver at> wrote:
>> I've been looking into ways of improving our spam filtering.  
>> Currently
>> I'm running postfix with amavisd-new (spamassassin and clamav), and 
>> saw
>> an article on greylisting using postgrey.  Turns out there's a port 
>> for
>> it already in FreeBSD.
>> I am still googling for info, but as I understand it the policy will
>> inject the message to another queue for postgrey to evaluate?  If this
>> is true, what happens if I install it while still running the
>> postfix/amavis solution, which is also a double-queue system for
>> evaluation of messages?  Will doing a make install for postgrey damage
>> the installation we currently have in place and working?
>> Anyone else running postgrey with amavis on postfix, on FreeBSD?  I'd
>> appreciate any feedback/experiences people have to offer.
> Yes, I'm running Postgrey with Amavis on FreeBSD.  Works great.
> The short answer is that Postgrey plays nice with Amavis.
> The medium-length answer is that Postgrey simply becomes another check
> that is run.  Postfix has a "policy service" hook that allows Postfix
> to consult with an outside program prior to accepting mail.  This is
> a different process than the multi-queue system that Amavis uses, and
> the two co-exist nicely.  Postgrey works more like the rbl checks than
> the multi-queue system that Amavis uses.
> The long answer is contained in the technical details of Postfix, and
> the Postfix source code, and I won't attempt to duplicate that here ;)

Are there instructions you know of for the installation to get postgrey 
to integrate with postfix from ports on FreeBSD?  (Huh?)

Um...let's rephrase.  Is there a reference of what needs to be done 
after running "make install" in the postgrey port directory to get 
postfix to see it and use it, preferably without killing the working 

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