Bridging and IPFW

George Breahna freebsd at
Wed Jun 1 01:49:30 PDT 2005

Yes and no. In any case, I have tried assigning them different rule numbers
but it doesn't change anything. Second one still doesn't get looked at.


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On 6/1/05, George Breahna <freebsd at> wrote:
> According to what I have read, using ipfw2 I should now be able to 
> properly filter by MAC I wrote up some rules!
> $IPFW 10 add allow ip from any to any MAC any 00:0E:A6:02:4D:A4 $IPFW 
> 10 add allow ip from any to any MAC 00:0E:A6:02:4D:A4 any

Is it intentional that both rules have the same number, 10?


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