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On Jul 29, 2005, at 11:25 PM, Chatchawan Wongsiriprasert wrote:

> Hi,
>    I am now using chroot apache+php, and want to move to more secure
> FreeBSD jail.
>    After read the FreeBSD handbook, I have been successfully created a
> jailed apache+php on my test server but there is a litle problem that
> need to be solved before I put it on my real server.
>    I run mysql-server on this server and make it listen only to  
> (--bind-address option). How can  I access mysql-server on this server
> from the jail without
>     (1) make mysql-server listen to the real ip (I don't want to open
> another door to my server -- firewall can be employ but this add
> another complexity to my setup)

Create a separate jail on the system and put mysql in that.  Make the  
address of this mysql jail be or something like that.   
The apache jail will be able to reach it but the outside won't.

You should still have a firewall of some sort.

>      or
>     (2) using unix socket (a lot of code to change and test -- most  
> are
> develop by another people).

Using the socket option is better as it probably also performs better  
(I don't know this for sure -- am just guessing)


> Regards,
> Chatchawan Wongsiriprasert
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