How do I get rid of booteasy??? & re-install windows xp mbr using ntfs???

Jerry Tarwid jtarwid at
Sat Jul 30 00:00:28 GMT 2005

I am dual booting with Winblows XP and FreeBSD. I installed the FreeBSD Boot manager so I can dual boot. I now want to remove it! I have freaking scoured the $@!#$! net & still have NOT found an answer??? Anyone???? I'm using an NTFS volume so fdisk/mbr doesn't work and neither does booting to an xp cd recovery console and using fixboot or fixmbr. The $#!@#$ booteasy boot manager still leaves something in the mbr....nothing works! I cannot believe that I am the only human being on the planet that has encountered this problem! A LITTLE HELP???

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