Alexey Panteleyev alexey at yoxel.com
Fri Jul 29 06:02:20 GMT 2005

Hello FreeBSD team,

 We have been working on an interesting project here at Yoxel.Com. It is a 
project management service called "Release Planning System" which allows 
software developing teams to:

- collaboratively create a release plan based on deadline, effort estimates 
and priorities.
- track implementation of the release
- track testing phase of the release
- generate various release reports and charts

 This service automates most of the planning, prioritizing and resource 
allocation tasks that many software developing teams do manually these days. 
It is intended to greatly simplify current software project management 

 RPS is in 'beta'  now and we would like to start engaging with development 
teams to prove the concept and work out the details. Do you think RPS could 
be of any interest for your projects (or sub-projects)?

 I appreciate your time,
Alexey Panteleev

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