Sendmail help needed

Alexandre Vieira nullpt at
Thu Jul 28 22:17:05 GMT 2005

Hello folks,

I'm trying to get past a standard in sendmail which is very simple. 

I have several machines reporting mails trough local MTA's (sendmail)
in each one of the boxes to our main mailserver. The thing is, I did
not developed the scripts and they are using "mailx -s <subj> user"
which normally would try to deliver it to a local account in the
machine. So the question is: Can I, in any way, define that every
"user" passed on the mailx in every script gets resolved to
user at somedomain.tld and not to a local system account? We have
hundreds of "names" in the scripts, so aliasing doesn't work for me.

My current hack is defining DR and DS in the to a static
hostname but that takes redundancy to our mail system since if the
main mailserver is down the backup mail server (higher MX) won't take
any effect.

Any help apreciated

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