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.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at interfree.it
Thu Jul 28 01:26:47 GMT 2005

I am looking for a high-speed tape drive, mainly for use of incremental
dump of the FreeBSD filesystem [with complicated custom X environment,
but nothing more], and of incremental tar of the Windows, divided into
something similar of a unix partitions' layout [with complicated custom
graphical engines, but nothing more]. The most heavy backup of each
system, is therefore no bigger then 5 GB. Hard disk backups are not
possible, because I cannot write to the NTFS backup disk of the
Disgusting Operating System.

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> In the last episode (Jul 28), .VWV. said:
>> I have compared some features among different current tape drive
>> standards. It seems DLT and LTO Ultrium 2 cartridges are more
>> expensive then DAT 72 and VXA 2 ones. I have not found yet a
>> criterion useful to choose the most reliable standard. Any suggestion
>> could be useful. I'll need either to dump or to tar.
> They are definitely more expensive (as are the drives), but they are
> also higher capacity and can write a lot faster than DAT.  If you have
> less than 36gb of data to back up at any one time and you don't mind a
> backup taking 3 hours (if done at night, for example), then DAT may be
> perfect for you.  Once your backups start exceeding your backup window
> or take more than one tape, you can look at more expensive drives (or
> an autoloader).  An LTO-2 drive can fill a 200gb tape in the same 3
> hour period.  If you have compressible data, double the tape
> capacities (to 72gb and 400gb).  If you need more than 400gb native
> on a tape, get an LTO-3 :)
> Reliability reports are too dependant on local variables (how often is
> a tape reused, how are they stored, how clean is your server room etc)
> so I would only trust comparitive reports from people with multiple
> drive types at one location.

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