Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Wed Jul 27 17:21:22 GMT 2005

    Hmmm... I wonder if that was an honest question, or if it was done 
to illicit email addresses in some way =\... Just a random thought.
    Probably just an IT n00b that doesn't understand the scope of "cisco 
rhce msce CCNA", etc in relation to freebsd.
    *For* *NuAm*:
       What you listed in the email ("cisco rhce msce CCNA") are 
certification programs not involved with FreeBSD (directly at least at 
all) and this is a mailing list for questions from users for users about 
FreeBSD-a complete Unix operating system, in and of itself. Hopefully 
that clarifies something for you.

Chris wrote:

> On Wed, 27 Jul 2005, NuAm Benzina wrote:
>> Do you have curses like "cisco rhce msce CCNA" , maybe
>> for free ?
> YOU - are an idiot... Read the list name... FreeBSD Questions...
> When a person can't even take the time to READ something they 
> subscribed to - others (such as myself) MUST point out the obvious...
> YOU - are an idiot...
> Best regards,
> Chris
> Show me a person who's never made a mistake and I'll
> show you somebody who's never achieved much.

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