pppOe 1000baseTX config

David van Geyn dataivNOSPAM at noc.peon.net
Wed Jul 27 14:36:47 GMT 2005

Well, yeah, that would be what to do, but why do you need to? I have a 
100baseTX network at home and don't need any more. ~11.5MBytes/sec works 
just fine. It won't speed up your DSL if you upgrade any of the equipment. 
Your DSL line is probably < 4 Mbits/sec. So if that's all you're looking 
for, don't bother changing anything.

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On Wed, 27 Jul 2005, Lane wrote:
> Hey, thanks, David.
> So all I gotta do is (ugh) upgrade the hardware.  At least on the internal
> side.
> lane

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