Installing from CD [was: QUESTION.]

martin at martin at
Wed Jul 27 13:38:49 GMT 2005

> I am trying to get BSD 5 on my system. I copied the image file on the
> CD, but cant get the system to boot form the CD. I have tried changing
> the boot order, but still does not work. I was wondering if I need to
> copy an additional file, like a boot.ini file to make the system boot
> form the image CD. Awaiting your reply. Thank you.
> Sincerely,
> Kanwar Singh

Most likely it is how the image file was written to the cd - if you just
copied the iso file onto it (i.e. using the XP build in CD writer) it will
not be bootable, or usable as a freebsd install cd at all. You need to
actually write the iso file out to the CD, using something like nero
(assuming you are using a windows machine to create it).

BTW - try to use a more descriptive subject in emails, it makes searching
the archives much easier.


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