DNS settings in FreeBSD?

Glenn Dawson glenn at antimatter.net
Wed Jul 27 08:51:53 GMT 2005

At 01:46 AM 7/27/2005, Xu Qiang wrote:
>Hi, all:
>Last time I asked you that why the machine can map the hostname to ip 
>address without setting DNS Server in "/etc/rc.conf".
>Now I remember that I have provided DNS ip address in the initial 
>installing stage, where the installation wizard asked for me about the 
>settings step by step, in which I set the machine's hostname, ip address, 
>domain, gateway, subnet mask, and DNS server ip address.
>Now, when I open the file "/etc/rc.conf", I found the machine's hostname, 
>ip address, subnet mask, domain, and gateway/router are all in it.
>Yet, where is the DNS setting? If not in this file, which file does this 
>setting reside in?


>P.S.: In solaris, I can use dos2unix to transfer txt file from DOS/Windows 
>format to Unix format, what is the corresponding command in FreeBSD?

Install the dosunix port,  It's in /usr/ports/converters/dosunix


>Xu Qiang
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