FreeBSD 6

Kövesdán Gábor gabor.kovesdan at
Tue Jul 26 20:20:44 GMT 2005

Nikolas Britton wrote:

>Do I always need to run 'make cleandepend' when rebuilding a kernel,
>normally I build my kernels the old school way?
I suspect it is only needed, when You want to rebuild Your custom 
kernel, but haven't deleted
the /usr/src/sys/arch/compile/KERNCONF/ directory, so there is some old 

>Is it just me or is -O2 now the default for kernel builds? What about
>-Os, safe to use?
So is it for me. But if I specify some CFLAGS, for example -O3 
-march=athlon64, the
building fails, but CFLAGS mustn't affect the kernel compiling process 
afaik. There is
COPTFLAGS for that reason. I've also made a PR about this new, unwanted 
but haven't got any answers so yet.

>The kernel build failed when it tired to compile the r128drm device.
>Is it safe to run the ULE scheduler instead of the 4BSD scheduler, ULE
>is commented out in the default kernel?
It's nice for me. I had a general protection fault, but I can't prove, 
that ULE made that,
I had similar with 4BSD. FreeBSD 6 is quite stable for me when I don't 
use my nve network
interface that has a poor driver.

>Is the new ATA RAID stuff, metadata something, going to be backported
>to 5.x? I'm trying setup a RAID 1 mirror with Intel ICH5R / Adaptec
>HostRAID but it looks like it's not supported in 5.x
>Feel free to add more questions to this thread.

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