Load much higher after upgrading to 5.4-STABLE

Benson Wong tummytech at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 20:01:33 GMT 2005


I upgraded from 5.4-STABLE (about 5 months old) to 5.4-STABLE as of
last Sunday. Went through the standard procedure, buildkernel,
buildworld, install kernel, install world, mergemaster, etc.

The system functions normally except now load on the system hovers
around 2.4 average, where it used to be around 0.5. From what I can
tell nothing much has changed. The system works as an NFS server for
Maildirs. It is working normally, and I see no performance problems,
however the load seems to be much higher (graphed with MRTG ever 5

Anybody else encounter this? Offer any insights? 


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