undelete in FreeBSD?

Glenn Dawson glenn at antimatter.net
Tue Jul 26 07:48:33 GMT 2005

At 10:48 PM 7/25/2005, Xu Qiang wrote:
>Ross Kendall Axe wrote:
> > Yes.  MS-Windows doesn't have anything Unix doesn't in this regard.  I
> > take it you're not familiar with the DOS/Windows 'del' command...
>Hehe, this is a good analog I didn't think of. :)
> > If he's worried about accidentally deleting files, he should use KDE
> > or Gnome.  They both have a trash can/wastebasket/recycle bin.
>Now I just have X Window in my machine. Not as good-looking as Gnome desktop.
>Can I install gnome without using ports? I want to install everything 

Are you a glutton for punishment?

You can install it manually, I did it once...never again.

Seriously though, there are so many dependencies that it takes forever to 
get everything set up manually.  With ports you just do a make install 
clean and come back in a few hours (or days depending on how fast your 
machine is)


>Xu Qiang


We've checked and double checked, it keeps coming up the same thing.
The message is "Mars needs women". 

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