Where to put scripts ?

Graham Bentley gbentley at uk2.net
Tue Jul 26 09:27:43 GMT 2005

Hi All,

I have a short script for Flexbackup ;

# Backup using Flexbackup
/bin/rm -f /data/IT/Backup_Log/data*
/usr/local/bin/flexbackup -newtape
/usr/local/bin/flexbackup -dir /data
/usr/bin/mt -f /dev/sa0 rewind
/usr/bin/mt -f /dev/sa0 offline

I put this in /usr/bin/ and made exec

In crontab I put ;

# Flexbackup Nightly Backup Job
0 	2 	* 	* 	1-5 	root 	/usr/bin/backup

If I run the script manually at the prompt
it works perfectly and a new log is written
to /data/IT/Backup_Log/ - Great !

(From flexbackup.conf

$logdir = '/data/IT/Backup_Log';   # directory for log files)

If cron runs it, the old log is rm'ed but no new one is written ???

Is it something to do with paths / perms ?

Any help ?

-= Thanks =-

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