status: no carrier with WEB enabled

Iain Dooley iain_dooley at
Tue Jul 26 03:24:31 GMT 2005

hello, i am running FreeBSD 4.10 using an Orinoco wifi pccard NIC, using a 
minitar wireless bridge in AP mode.

I am able to login to the AP using a web browser to configure it from 
another machine on my network (wired). When WEP is disabled on the AP, my 
card can associate fine and I am able to do a DHCP request to my ADSL modem 
(which has a DHCP server in it... i'm going to switch to using another 
machine as a gateway and the ADSL modem as a bridge as soon as i get my 
hands on another PCI NIC, then I will be using static IP addressing for my 
internal network).

I enabled WEP on the AP, and disabled broadcast SSID. I haven't implemented 
MAC filtering yet. Eventually i will switch to IPSec, but one step at a time 
:-) with WEP enabled, my roommate is able to access the network via the AP 
from his OSX box using a D-Link USB wireless NIC, so WEP encryption appears 
to be functioning properly from the AP's side of things.

I followed instructions for wicontrol to turn on WEP, set the ssid and the 
key as appropriate, set the card to AP mode and set the appropriate channel.

after doing this, ifconfig showed 'status: no carrier'. Everything else in 
ifconfig matched the settings on my AP.

i then tried:

dhclient wi0

to attempt to do a DHCP request, but this had no effect. I then tried:

ifconfig wi0 inet netmask ssid NETWORK_NAME 
wepmode on wepkey XXXXXXXXXXXXX (<-- 13 digit, 128 bit encryption)

where 192.168.1.x is the subnet defined by the ADSL modem, NETWORK_NAME is 
the same ssid as is set on the AP web configurator, and XXXXXXXXXXXXX is a 
13 digit, 128 bit wep encryption key. both the AP and the wi0 interface are 
using key index 1.

ifconfig still shows 'status: no carrier'.

my first question is, can anyone see why this might not be working? let me 
know if i need to supply further information.

my second question is, how can i pass the arguments such as 'wepmode on' and 
'ssid' to dhclient, in particular what lines should i include in rc.conf so 
that a DHCP request uses the appropriate key etc. on bootup?

thanks very much.

iain dooley

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