ssh over a very bad http proxy :(

estover at estover at
Mon Jul 25 21:57:46 GMT 2005

> Hi
> I spent almost entire week, customizing my freebsd server at home, and
> I would like to access it from my work place.
> But it doesn't seems to be possible without making http tunnels
> through an authenticated proxy server.
> I tried to use http-tunnel, it doesn't support the authenticated feature.
> I tried to use corkscrew, it can't compile on cygwin, and it can't go
> through the authenticated proxy either on solaris.
> I tried the HTTPTunnelClient with ntlmaps-0.9.9, it says it is
> connected, but putty just hangs and doesn't give me any response.
> I googled almost for a week now, trying to find a good solution, but
> no luck so far.
> I am sure that I am not the first one who is encountering this kind of
> problem.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance.
> Lei

I just run sshd on port 80, then to connect, ssh -p80 -l ieatpaste ;)

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