what's next? (error after BTX started)

user local local.usr at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 12:05:47 GMT 2005

This computer I'm writing from is a Compaq Evo D310m/845 r BU ALL
I found enthusiastic articles about FreeBSD, so I decide to download the 
stuff (FreeBSD5.4RELEASEi386) and I start to load it.

The result follows...
Building the boot loader arguments
Looking up /BOOT/LOADER... Found
Relocated the loader and the BTX
Starting the BTX loader

BTX loader 1.00 BTX version is 1.01
Console> internal video/keyboard
BIOS CD is cd0
BIOS drive C: is disk0
BIOS drive D: is disk1
BIOS 639kB/252928kB available memory

FreeBSD/i386 bootstrap loader, Revision 1.1
(root at harlow.cse.buffalo.edu, Sun May 8 05:59:07 UTC 2005)
int=0xd err=0x0 efl=0x30246 eip=0x3034
eax=0x205d ebx=0x4 ecx=0x2000 edx=0x288c
esi=0x8d5 edi=05b74c ebp=0x1538 esp=0x1502
cs=0xf000 ds=0xee00 es=0xee00 fs=0x0 gs=0x0 ss=0xee00
cs:eip=0f 20 dd 81 e5 00 f0 0f-20 c2 0f 01 e0 a8 01 75
08 80 e2 fe e8 53 ff eb-21 0f 20 e0 a9 30 00 75
ss:esp=4c b7 05 00 d5 08 00 00-38 15 00 00 22 15 00 00
04 00 00 00 8c 28 00 00-04 00 00 00 5d 28 00 00
BTX halted

End (that's from me:))
Note: an underscore blinks under the e from esi

I was advertise by a small banner that the computer was designed for an 
obscure system produced by a company in Redmont, somewhere in the West o 
USA, Windows XP, but I didn't mean it. Is that true? I'd like to deny this, 
but I'm not so good to provide an argument, i.e. installation w/ 
1280x1024x32/70Hz X Windows. Hope you will help me guys, until my boss 
change his mind of Open Source and Friends (however, take your time, various 
linuces worked on this box).

But seriously, I noticed that something strange is happening w/ booting even 
Micro$ on theese boxes, as well on some compaq laptops: the only floppy I 
manage to boot from was a Partition Image one, and when I installed an Open 
on a laptop, I discover a hidden partition at the begining of the hard disc. 
Several Live CDs and other booting CDs stuff, an W2k including, also failed. 
I have 20 boxes like this, and that's happend not only on a specific one, so 
it can not be a CD drive problem.

Help me, please! just once!
Bundy, Al, esq.

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