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Fri Jul 22 20:05:53 GMT 2005

are you using raid or just plain ide? the reason i ask is so i can 
understand the geometry of your hard disk's partitions (4 primary 
partitions max per ide hdd) What boot loader do you want to use? lilo? 
grub? freebsd? some commercial boot loader? are the two linux distros 
going to be based off of separate or the same kernel? lots of questions 
need to be answered before we can really help you with multibooting. 
heres some generic info for newbies. if you have any specific questions 
bother me, id be glad to help :)

RW wrote:

>On Friday 22 July 2005 18:22, Halldór Rúnar Hafliðason wrote:
>>On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 10:36 -0700, Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh wrote:
>>>I'm newbie.I believe that "BSD as server & Linux as desktop".
>>>Now,I have a machine that i wanna install FreeBSD5.4,Slackware10.1,Debian
>>>Sarge & windows on it.
>>>Of course,I installed slackware & WinXP on it.
>>>Please explian me on multiboot process.
>>I'm curious, why do you want to have so many operating systems on it,
>>could as well just go with vmware if you are testing out some operationg
>VMWare costs $189
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