suicidally ambitious compilation?

Norbert Koch NKoch at
Thu Jul 21 15:16:57 GMT 2005

> I'm thinking of setting up a jail specifically to try and compile an
> OpenBSD release on FreeBSD. No 'cross compiling' will be involved (same
> target hardware architecture).
> Has anybody here ever tried, or heard of anybody trying this?
> I don't expect the journey to be without large potholes...

That won't work. A jail is not something like vmware. It's
just a FreeBSD inside a FreeBSD.
I used emulators/qemu to install NetBSD into an
image file from the installation cd. That worked for me
as long as I did not try to start X inside qemu.
So I think that OpenBSD will work too.
(Interestingly the Knoppix live-cd runs emulated
even in graphics mode!)


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