usb mass storage failure

albi at albi at
Wed Jul 20 19:51:22 GMT 2005

On Wed, 20 Jul 2005 21:40:22 +0200
Vittorio De Martino <vdm.fbsd at> wrote:

> > Try the patch at
> Dan, thank you very much for your valuable suggestion 
> being a real novice with freebsd (I have experience of linux) could
> you please  explain straightforwardly HOW and WHERE I should apply the
> patch?

looking at the patch, you can do the following :

rm /usr/src/sys/cam/scsi/scsi_da.c.o
open /usr/src/sys/cam/scsi/scsi_da.c in your fav. editor
search for "FL" (with quotes)

and add the lines with the + signs in front in between where it is
suppose to go (following the above url)

another option :

copy and paste the proposed patch into a file e.g. called

cd /usr/src
patch < patch1

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