Network stalls

Marek Sulovsky skeeve at
Wed Jul 20 11:43:59 GMT 2005

Hello all,

I have (after some time) returned to freebsd and installed FreeBSD
5.4 release onto my notebook (Prestigio Nobile 157). It looked like
everuthing but wireless card worked fine.

But when I started to update the system and ports - another problem

when I am downloading a file (I noticed the problem only during ftp
downloads - but I have had almost no other traffic) sometimes (about
every 2-5 MBs on average) the transfer stops (command line ftp says
"stalled", fetch shows nothing and does nothing).

On windows and linux everything works fine so the problem should not be
in hardware.

Has anybody experienced a similiar problem? Do you have any suggestions
how to fix this?

I have tried to update the system throught freebsd-update binary updates
but it did not help.


Marek Sulovsky

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