`Content-Transfer-Encoding' & SendMail

Norbert Koch NKoch at demig.de
Tue Jul 19 14:21:28 GMT 2005

> I have SendMail configured with the Smart_Host directive:
> define(~SMART_HOST'. `my.isp.com') since they are blocking out bound
> port 25. This works well.
> The problem I am experiencing is that all mail sent this way has the
> following in the email header:
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
> I do not want to use that encoding specifically at all times. Even when
> set within my mail program for something else, such as 8-bit, it is
> still converted to the above format.
> What can I do to prevent this from happening?

>From my naive understanding of the smtp protocol I think
that your sendmail and your provider's sendmail|qmail|postfix
ask each other about supported encodings.
When I telnet to my mail provider's port 25 and manually
submit an EHLO I see a list of 250 responses. One shows
me '250 8bitmime'. So I'd suggest you test this with
your provider.


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