Real IP under NAT

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Jul 18 15:16:44 GMT 2005

DerAlSem wrote:
[ ... ]
> I've 5 external (real) IP, one is assigned on external if. Also there
> are 20 internal computers with 192.168.0.* ip's (NAT+IPFW). I need to assign one
> of that computer an external ip. Somebody told me, that it can be done
> with ARP-proxy, but i couldn't find any info on that. 10x in advance.

See "man natd":

      -redirect_address localIP publicIP
                  Redirect traffic for public IP address to a machine on the
                  local network.  This function is known as static NAT.  Nor-
                  mally static NAT is useful if your ISP has allocated a small
                  block of IP addresses to you, but it can even be used in the
                  case of single address:


                  The above command would redirect all incoming traffic to


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