Continuation of support for FreeBSD 4.x ?

Nelis Lamprecht nlamprecht at
Mon Jul 18 07:24:21 GMT 2005

Greetings all,

Could somebody please clarify for me what will happen to FreeBSD 4.x
support with regards to patches and or security updates in the future
? I've heard that when version 6 becomes RELEASE there will be no more
security updates to version 4.x, is this true ?

I work at a University where we have approximately 30 x FreeBSD
servers of which half run 4.x and are used for routing IPX and
connecting to Netware shares, running various Netware related
applications etc so the above is of importance to me. FreeBSD 5.x was
slow to adopt IPX support and it has never been stable enough to use
in a production enviroment.

Thanks for your reply.


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