Three questions...

Norbert Koch NKoch at
Mon Jul 18 06:31:34 GMT 2005

> Q1:  I have two drives, laid out as follows:
> Drive 1
> /ad0a	  WinXP, NTFS, 16.06GB, primary
> /ad0e     data, NTFS, 12.58GB, extended
> Drive 2
> /ad1a     currently empty, 14.36GB, primary
>            (installation target)
> /ad1e     /ad0 backup, NTFS, 14.27GB, extended
> I'd like to use XP's NTLDR to manage the dual boot process.  I've seen
> the following trick for Linux (
> - Boot into Linux, copy the first sector of the boot partition as follows:
> 	dd if=/dev/hdb of=/bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1
> - Move bootsect.lnx to WinXP root (C:\), and add the following line to
> boot.ini:
> 	C:\bootsect.lnx="Linux"
> Does this approach work with FreeBSD?  Logic says it should, given the
> similarities, but when has logic applied consistently to computers?

As I understand, you try to install from the second hard disk.

When I last tried this (using FreeBSD 4) it did not work such way,
because I found that in FreeBSD's boot sector code the drive number
is hard-coded. So you would have to go to the source directory, change
the drive number, assemble the boot sector and put it to drive C. This
worked for me.


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