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Sun Jul 17 17:57:16 GMT 2005

On Friday 15 July 2005 20:27, George Ruch wrote:

> Q3: Partitioning
>    Yes, I know you've seen several million questions on partitioning
> schemes.  I've read up on it, and I'd like to get some feedback on this
> plan.  All slices would be p/o ad1a, which has approx. 14,704MB free.
> 	/		128M
> 	/usr	8192M
> 	/home	3312M
> 	/var	1024M
> 	/tmp	1024M
> 	swap	1024M  (4 x physical)

With this amount of space, unless you a setting up a server for a  dedicated 
application, I would go with the freebsd default of having /home as a symlink 
to /usr/home. 

I would also shrink /tmp down at least to 256M or even less, normally things 
break down into two sets: those that need fiddling small amounts of tmp 
space, and those that need huge amounts and need to be pointed elsewhere. 

Similarly with /var - I'm currently using 68MB out of 512MB on a standard 
desktop machine, huge var partitions are used in certain kinds of specialist 

BTW I would recommend GAG as a boot manager:

- no configurations files needed, you can install it through menus from a 
linux live cd
- once it's installed on the disk you can maintain it from it's own bootprompt 
menu. That's a really nice, because a year from now you wont need to reread 
man pages to change the boot delay, or add another os.

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