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dick hoogendijk dick at
Sat Jul 16 13:16:55 GMT 2005

I read the pages about supported hardware. It dazzles me.

I want to buy a new motherboard. I will run FreeBSD-5.4 (and later on v6.x) on it. No fancy stuff like raid. Just plenty of memory and good performance and fbsd support tothe fullest(!).

>From what I understand there are still some problems with AMD64 boards. Still, 64bits is the future.. so is it better to wait a while, _or_ are there *good* supported motherboards for amd64?

Maybe it's better to stay with Intel and FreeBSD?

And about harddisks: is it true that fbsd support for ATA harddisks is better / more robust than for SATA drives?

I need some *concrete* advice. The rest of the hardware will be a lesser problem.

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