freebsd 4.9 and ports cvsup

Cezar Fistik cezar at
Sat Jul 16 10:11:40 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I need to upgrade some applications with many dependencies on an older
4.9 system. I was thinking to start with ports tree upgrade but when
I try to run cvsup I get connection refused messages from all cvsup
servers I tried, meaning that there's no a fresh port tree for version
4.9. So, I'm a little bit stuck, I cannot get a fresh ports tree and I
cannot get updated binaries through pkg_add either. What would you
suggest to do in such situation. Upgrading the whole system to a newer
version would be too much pain. I'd appreciate any advise.


Best regards,
Cezar                          mailto:cezar at

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