DHCP Server Offline.

Stephan Weaver stephanweaver at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 15 14:11:54 GMT 2005

Hello folks,

I have a Stand Alone FreeBSD Firewall / Nat / Dhcp Server.
Everything seems to work fine, up until this morning.
Users seem to complain they could not get on the network anymore.

Further investigation revealed the dhcp server could not be contacted.
Further more, only some of the users were online.
I am guessing that these clients who were online had an ip address from the 
dhcp server at a previous time and the lease didnt expire as yet.
And users who were not online, the lease expired and attempted to contact 
the dhcp server and failed.

I Would appreciate any help or suggestions.
Like what to do in the future incase this happens again.
I Would like to find out what had happened.

The last thing that i had done to the server was setup, configure and 
install 'ntop';
dont know if this would cause a problem.

Thank you in advance.
Stephan Weaver

P.S. Please reply to my Directly at @
stephanweaver at hotmail.com

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