usr data/fax modem under 5.4

dave dmehler26 at
Wed Jul 13 22:43:26 GMT 2005

    Got an old isa usr 56k data/fax modem i want to get going under 5.4.
This is *not a winmodem, i've had it working under Linux and 4.x fbsd. I
have it jumpered to sio2 and irq 2 if i'm remembering right. Under 4.x, and
it's been a while, i had to compile a kernel with the right sio options in
place, now if i understand it i have to customize the right sio line in
/boot/device.hints. I've enabled sio2 and set it's irq to 2, also 4, 5, and
9, all of which give me the error:
configured irq x not in bitmap of probed irq's 0
under dmesg output i see the sio2 port, it's i/o address, and the fact that
fbsd sees the modem's uart as a 16550a which again if i remember right tells
me that i've got the sio2 port and i/o right, just the irq is wrong. Did i
miss something?

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