Building an ISO for CD release of a custom FreeBSD 5.4

Jonathan Beit-Aharon jbeitaharon at
Wed Jul 13 16:58:10 GMT 2005

I ported/upgraded our custom FreeBSD (custom kernel, security patches, 
etc.) from 4.9-stable to 5.4-stable, and have downloaded and built all 
the ports we need.

I want to provide this already-built system for use in our QA lab and by 
other developers, so I'm attempting to build a bootable CD that captures it.

Since I have never done this before, I read the fine manual (man build 
and man release), and some articles that came up when I searched for 
various combinations of {freebsd, release, make, iso, isos, custom, cd, 
and cdrom}, and tried to follow their examples.   It isn't easy, because 
the documentation of MAKE_ISOS and NOPORTS is rather incomplete.

I tried the following:

    cd /usr/src/release
    make release CHROOTDIR=/usr/v54export BUILDNAME=FBSD54_050712 
        CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs at 
EXTSRCDIR=/usr/src \
        MAKE_ISOS=/usr/v54export COMPAT_DISTS=compat4x 
OTHER_DISTS=manpages \

It complained that the connection to the CVS repository is being 
refused.  I tried changing the CVSROOT to :pserver:freebsdanoncvs at ... 
but that and several other protocol variations didn't help.   I can't 
see why -- does anyone know/care?   Is there a simple way to overcome 
this obstacle (is the documentation wrong/typo'ed)?

I tried to "cvs import" /usr/src into /usr/v54cvs and then specify the 
CVSROOT as /usr/v54cvs.   Here is the tail of 'script' capture of that 

    cvs checkout: Updating ports/lang/perl5.8/files^M
    rm -rf /usr/v54export/usr/doc^M
    cd /usr/v54export/usr &&  cvs -R  -d /usr/v54cvs  co  -P doc^M
    cvs checkout: Updating doc^M
    if [ -d /usr/src/release/../../ports/distfiles/ ]; then  cp -rp
    /usr/v54export/usr/ports/distfiles;  else  mkdir -p
    /usr/v54export/usr/ports/distfiles;  fi^M
    make: don't know how to make checksum-recursive. Stop^M
    *** Error code 2^M
    Stop in /usr/src/release.^M
    *** Error code 1^M
    Stop in /usr/src/release.^M
    # exit ^M

Well, at least this "checksum-recursive" thing is new -- can you help me 
overcome it?

Am I doing something so wrong I don't even know how to ask the right 
question(s)?   If so, please be so kind as to point me in the right 

Desperate (not yet sleepless, but close) in Waltham,

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