m4p conversion to mp4?

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> >This is probably painfully obvious, but I can't find it in the ports
> >with a search or through google.
> >
> >I recently acquired an iPod Shuffle, and am enjoying it thoroughly.
> >Unfortunately, I also acquired a gift card for the iTunes store, so I
> >thought it would be better to get a copy of "Bohemian Rhapsody"
> >through the store rather than go buy the CO.  I'm not a big enough fan
> >to listen to "Radio GaGa" if I don't have to.
> >
> >Anyway, I learned something disturbing.  They give you the music you
> >buy in m4p format, which is an mp4 format protected by an MD5
> >derivative.  I think.
> >
> Even more disturbing - the mp formats are compressed so you really
> aren't getting a CD-quality track.

Yeah, I know, but my hearing isn't nearly good enough to tell the
difference anyway . . .
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